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   Fetish Performance Artist

The Art of Adult Spanking

I offer real discipline spankings.   Spanking is a cathartic release of day-to-day stress, compulsive thought patterns, and negative emotions.  I will listen to your concerns and admission of negative behavior and come up with a structured plan for you to overcome your issues.  This is in addition to a thorough discipline spanking.  You will not be in control of the spanking. You will trust that I know what is best for you.

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Is Spanking Normal?

Yes!  Any kind of therapy you need is normal for you.  “The bottom line for spanking is that there is no...

What you can expect

This is an example of what you can expect during one of our sessions.  THIS IS NOT ME, it is a sample from SpankingTube

“Before leaving to go out of town for work Last Friday, Mrs Crystal was kind enough to give me a reminder spanking in hopes that I would behave myself and also remember to take my diabetic medication while I was away. She asked me before I left if I had everything I needed including my meds. Without even checking I told her I did in fact have what I needed. I should have known to double check my luggage. It would have saved me this well deserved discipline spanking.”